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Fluid Analysis Service

Fluid Analysis Services

Seatec has a comprehensive range of fluid analysis services according to your needs.

SeaTec, working in cooperation with a world renowned fluid analysis laboratory accredited to ISO9002 and ISO17025 standards, is able to offer a global sample pick-up service with accurate and rapid on-line reporting. We recognise that our clients require a fast turnaround for their oil samples.

The samples are analysed on the day of delivery to the laboratory and we have the ability to issue reports on the same day. We achieve this by a combination of global express courier collection, state of the art laboratory equipment, single point of contact project management, and online reporting through our efficient web based interface.

SeaTec’s partnership with a testing laboratory of international repute blended with the expertise of senior marine engineers ensures that our reports are accurate and helpful.  The interpretations of test results are grounded in practical engineering experience. Results are stored on SeaTec’s interactive website and can be retrieved via a secure client login.  Every test result is manually checked and scrutinised. The web based system’s reliability, enjoyed by existing clients, bears testimony to the effectiveness of the service.

List of SeaTec’s fluid analysis services 

  • Lubricating oil analysis
  • Cylinder scrape down analysis
  • Fuel oil analysis
  • Fuel purifier efficiency
  • Oily water separator (OWS) discharge testing

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