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UMC International Plc

Underwater Engineering Services

Offering a global network of expertise in Underwater maintenance

Underwater Services 

For more than 40 years, UMC have been providing a wide range of proven and affordable solutions for maintaining the integrity and performance of the underwater hull, underwater coatings and underwater hull mounted equipment and fittings of vessels and offshore rigs.

These innovative services reduce the need to dry dock allowing vessels to remain at sea, earning and operating, and enable offshore infrastructures to maintain performance.

As a Diving Contractor, UMC is a member of the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) and follows IMCA national guidance and legislation to ensure continuous safe diving practice.

The Design & Consultancy Division provides project management services and turnkey solutions for marine engineering tasks.  All project managers are qualified engineers with experience in ship and submarine systems, equipment design, installation, commissioning and decommissioning.

The Manufacturing Division design and fabricate customised blanks and cofferdams.  Other ground-breaking products include new-generation hull and propeller cleaning equipment, and paints and adhesives for underwater application.

Underwater Maintenance & Repair 

  • Security inspections
  • Class approved inwater surveys
  • Hull cleaning and propeller polishing
  • Propeller repair & replacement
  • Class approved permanent hull insert repairs and cofferdams
  • Underwater plate thickness determination
  • Rapid response to collisions and groundings
  • Underwater welding and painting
  • Stabiliser fin replacement
  • ICCP system replacement
  • Propulsion system replacement
  • Stern seal replacement
  • Underwater sensors & sonar installation, repair and replacement
  • Underwater acoustic cladding, installation and repair
  • SBM subsea maintenance
  • Hydrographical surveys

Design & Consultancy

  • Marine engineering consultancy
  • Project management
  • Engineering design optimization
  • Reduction of dock dependency
  • Cofferdam design & manufacture
  • Hull survey methodology
  • Acoustic cladding training
  • Underwater coating, bonding & fastening solutions
  • 3D modelling

Equipment Supplies

  • Neutrally buoyant hull aperture blanks
  • Afloat engineering support equipment
  • Underwater hull cleaning equipment
  • Underwater applicable coatings

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